Railway ministry urges passengers to opt for train travel

Railway ministry urges passengers to opt for train travel

NEW DELHI: The railway ministry has urged passengers to opt for train travel, instead of airways, promising better safety and comfort amid global concerns following the crash of a Boeing aircraft earlier this week.

The ministry of railways urged customers to “Skip the Airways (and) Grab the Railways,” in a tweet sent out on Thursday evening.

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India, earlier this week, joined the global ban on flying the Boeing B-737 Max planes, after this week’s crash of the aircraft belonging to Ethiopian Airlines. The incident, which was the second of its kind in a span of five months, has led to a severe backlash against the US plane manufacturer.

Industry regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) grounded the aircraft type until appropriate measures were taken to ensure their safe operation, it said on Tuesday.

The tweet in question added, “While Max Aircrafts are grounded, take the train today for Max Comfort, Max Safety, Max Value for Money.”

The ban on the Boeing aircraft in the country has affected SpiceJet the most, as it has 12 such aircraft in its fleet. Debt-ridden Jet Airways is the only other carrier owning 5 Boeing B-737 Max in India, even though the carrier’s planes are grounded due to financial woes.

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