Ramsbury travel writer seeing the world simply by staying at home

Ramsbury travel writer seeing the world simply by staying at home

IF someone gave the opportunity to wave goodbye to the gloomy British skies and travel the world without having to pay any rent, it might probably sound too good to become true.

However , which is precisely what Ramsbury travel writer Emma Higgins has done for the last three years, due to ingenious idea of house sitting.

The 28-year-old, who has already been documenting her life on her weblog Gotta Keep Moving, has been able to dress around one of the most expensive aspects of traveling, accommodation, after signing up to the biggest house sitting website on the planet, Reliable Housesitters.

Thanks to this particular, Ms Higgins has been able to reside in luxury properties across Europe, The african continent, America and Asia for free in return for looking after the resident dog while the owner is away, for the or weeks at a time.

This has enabled her to fund plus self-publish her first travel guide in what has proven to be an unforgettable 3 years.

But her origins are in Ramsbury. Her family offers lived there for many years, and the girl grandfather, Trevor Tiplady, was the nearby GP.

His 3 children all grew up in the community, and although Emma herself visited school in Warwickshire, for the last ten years she has regarded the little corner associated with Wiltshire as her home.

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Talking about her travelling living, she said: “ I have cherished every second of it. I dropped in love with travel after graduating from college in 2009 and have done everything I could to be on the road ever since.

“ Travel and writing are usually what I live for, and it has been a dream of mine to put some thing into print. There was no much better place to do that than my own nation.

“ Despite likely to all these exotic places across the world, the entire year around the UK and Ireland was your best yet.

“ It really opened my eyes, and talking about the journey in my book, Per year In The UK And Ireland, was an amazing experience. ”

The girl most recent house-sitting job was in Spain, and over the course of three years, she has gathered many personal and humourous stories to tell.

“ We house-sat for 17 dogs this past year, a few cats and a few chickens plus horses too, ” she stated.

“ The canines were by far my favourites, plus walking them actually helped me to locate a few places that went inside my book – you can just place Lily the Scottish beagle, which I looked after for a couple of weeks close to Dundee.

“ I recall one time my car got picked up of a ditch by a couple of helpful farmers in Donegal, Ireland, because of a bit of help from their tractor. They will dropped everything for me.

“ In regards to the future, I will get it done for as long as it makes me happy.

I have another book being released next August but after that, to know. I tend to go where the wind flow takes me. ”