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Regina toilet wins international tourism award

The newly renovated bathroom on the second floor of the Saskatchewan Science Centre is giving new meaning to the phrase “when nature calls.”

The toilet has won an International Toilet Tourism Award from an internet travel site for it’s unique design detailing one of Saskatchewan’s greenest biomes.

“The entire bathroom — floor, ceiling, walls, everything — is wrapped in a photograph of the boreal forest,” Sandy Baumgartner told CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition on Thursday.

“And on top of that, we have bird sounds from the boreal forest in the P.A. system.”

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The photograph used in the toilet was taken by nature photographer Todd Mintz. (Submitted by the Saskatchewan Science Centre)

The toilet has been open since mid-April and it’s getting attention as more and more visitors, young and old, experience it and sing its praises.

“This time of year, we’re quite busy with end of school year trips with schools and without a doubt, I’m sure, that it’s a little bit more difficult for the teachers and chaperones to get the kids out of the bathroom,” she added. 

Baumgartner said the design philosophy was that the Science Centre experience should not stop at the doors to the throne room.

The bathroom has been visited by a federal cabinet minister (and Baumgartner said it was “a bit difficult” to get her out) and Regina Mayor Michael Fougere himself. 

“He was quite impressed with our work.”

Tours are being offered.