Roads in Tak being repaired for high season

Roads in Tak being repaired for high season

TAK: The Mae Sot – Phop Phra – Umphang road in this northern border provinces is currently being repaired as the high season for tourism has begun.

The Mae Sot-based 2nd Provincial Highway Office has dispatched trucks, heavy equipment and machinery to many parts of the road which has been affected by landslides and erosion during the rainy season.

The repair work is now underway to enable local people as well as tourists to travel and visit various tourist spots in Mae Sot, Phop Phra and Umphang districts.

The road repair is needed as tourists have begun to travel to visit the Thi Lo Su waterfall in Umphang district, especially during the weekend.

Prateep Phothiam, the Umphang district chief, and the Umphang Tourism Promotion Group on Sunday made an inspection trip to the pier for rafting services at Huay Mae Klong.

Thousands of tourists, both from inside the country and abroad, have begun to arrive in Umphang district everyday for sightseeing the natural beauty, particularly the renowned Thi Lo Su waterfall, generating jobs and income for the local people.