Royal Holiday Vacations Club Goes The Extra Mile To Ensure Tourist Safety

, Royal Holiday Vacations Club Goes The Extra Mile To Ensure Tourist Safety, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire, Travel Wire News |  Travel Newswire

Mexico is an ideal vacation spot for many reasons. Its proximity to the United States, coupled with its affordable prices, makes it a perfect vacation spot for people of all ages and walks of life. Moreover,  Mexico is home to a plethora of fantastic tourist spots, including ancient ruins, Colonial architecture, pristine beaches, shopping and nightlife hot-spots, and tropical jungles with incredible wildlife. Hiking, partying, shopping, scuba diving, horseback riding, climbing, and swimming are just some of the many activities visitors can engage in at their convenience.

There is also the added fact that Mexico’s most popular tourist cities are perhaps some of the safest vacation spots in the world. Local law enforcement officers, many of whom speak fluent English, work with locals to ensure the safety of the many people who visit Mexico’s best-known cities. Mexico’s culture is a friendly one! Those who make a living serving tourists do everything possible to ensure that visitors to their city are safe and have everything they need.

At the same time, Royal Holiday Vacations Club doesn’t just rely on local law enforcement to ensure visitor safety. Royal Holiday Vacations Club reviews safety measures periodically to ensure that every single patron has the safest, most enjoyable vacation possible. First of all, all patrons are picked up at the airport. This added service is not only convenient, but it protects first-time visitors to Mexico.  It protects them from unscrupulous taxi drivers and those who would otherwise prey on disoriented tourists, traveling with valuables in their luggage. Royal Holiday Vacations Club then goes the extra mile to ensure that all guests are afforded complimentary transportation to and from popular local tourist destinations. Guests who want to venture off the beaten path to check out the city,  receive free travel advice from front desk employees who are familiar with the city’s best spots.  Vetted taxi drivers are on call day and night to help patrons get anywhere they want to go without undue hassle or delay.

Royal Holiday Vacations Club also pays careful attention to every single staff member it hires. Staff members are vetted to ensure they are not only competent but also honest, and private guards are on duty at all times to ensure guests’ well-being. Furthermore, Royal Holiday’s integrated water safety measures protect guests of all ages as they wade, swim, or enjoy water sports. Given these facts, it is not hard to see why the Royal Holiday Vacations Club was recently awarded a five-star safety rating. What an amazing track record!  With little to no complaints about safety from the tens of thousands of people who have vacationed at one of Royal Holiday Vacations Club resorts in the last thirty years, you can rest easy knowing customer safety is a priority!

There is a common misconception that Mexico is a dangerous place with a high crime rate. While some of its border cities may fit this description, the truth is that Mexico’s tourist hot-spots are safer than many large cities in the United States. Royal Holiday Vacations Club has resorts at many of the country’s best-known cities, including Acapulco, Cancun, Ixtapa, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta and the gorgeous island of Cozumel. Those who are looking for a memorable vacation alone or with family and friends will find that Royal Holiday Vacations Club has the resources on hand to guarantee a safe and enjoyable stay. From its careful selection of staff members, affiliated taxi drivers, and security guards, to the careful attention paid at swimming pools and beaches, Royal Holiday Vacations Club has thought of every last detail to ensure visitors safety and enjoyment at all times!

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