Royal Vision Group CEO Wins Financial Services Award with Business Worldwide Magazine

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LONDON, February 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

Staff at Royal Vision Group were celebrating this week after its CEO Matjaz Zadravec was voted Business Worldwide Magazine’s (BWM) Financial Services CEO of the Year for the UAE.

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Zadravec gained the title as part of the magazine’s 2017 Global Corporate Excellence Awards. His five-year-old company use artificial intelligence to disrupt the investment industry.

Their Royal Vision Intelligent Fund’s Two-Brain System is a combination of human knowledge and advanced technology. It works by analysing the market super-fast then suggesting a particular deal based on a smart analysis of data, along with probability factors. The human trader then provides the second evaluation of the possible deal and makes the decision whether or not to go ahead and invest.

Other features of the innovative Two Brain System include intraday trading (which isn’t affected by the overnight markets), low monthly trading exposure for clients and monthly liquidity.

On learning of his win, Zadravec thanked those who had voted for him and added: “Recognition such as this means a lot to both myself and the rest of Royal Vision Group’s staff. Just like when we reap big wins for our clients, it is a huge motivator for us.”

The BWM 2017 Global Corporate Excellence Awards were established in order to recognise successful companies and their CEO who are both innovative and ethical.

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In congratulating Royal Vision Group, the BWM judging panel explained that they were impressed with Royal Vision’s Group innovation both in terms of product and set-up, and how it operated as a whole.

Two-Brain’s sophisticated trading strategies are supported by artificial intelligence and used for non-traditional investments. The company refer to it as a virtual trading artificial intelligence assistant (AIA) which aims to provide qualified investors with a positive double-digit net return over a period of a year, with less than 10 per cent risk. Customers include individuals, large scale financial institutions and family firms.

It took the Group more than a decade to perfect the Two Brain System, with the help of experts in the fields of finance, mathematics and physics. It was then tested over a three year period in real life trading markets.

Royal Vision Group is also innovative in terms of its company structure, which is non-hierarchical. Its 15 staff are encouraged to be innovative, creative and passionate about their task. Other values such as transparency and client confidentiality also hold true.

To find out more about the company and its Two-Brain investment model see the website

An article on the company can also be found on BWM website

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