Safe travel for women in DTC: Tenders for panic buttons and CCTVs in buses next month

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NEW DELHI: Safe travel for women in DTC and cluster scheme buses has moved a step closer to being a reality. The tender process to install 10 panic buttons in each bus, apart from three CCTV cameras and a hooter is expected to be completed next month.
After failing to find bidders in its first attempt, Delhi government had floated fresh tenders last month hoping to elicit a better response this time.
“The panic buttons and live feed from the CCTV cameras will be linked to a central control room at the transport department office. As soon as a passenger presses the panic button, an alert will sound at the control room and the DTC depot manager’s office. In case of an emergency, police will also be alerted. Two-way communication will also be available between the driver and the control room,” a transport department official said.

The Delhi cabinet had approved the installation of CCTV cameras and panic buttons in buses in July 2017, but the tender was finally floated in November 2018. However, only two firms had responded to the tender. One of them had applied after the last date and was technically disqualified. That left only one bidder, which is why the tender was floated again,” an official said.
The installation of CCTV cameras in public transport buses has been a key poll promise of AAP. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia had proposed it in his first budget speech as finance minister for the financial year 2015-16. Each DTC and cluster bus is expected to get three state-of-the-art IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV cameras. Their installation and maintenance contract would be for five years. A screen in each bus would telecast the output of the cameras.

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