Salesperson Skills You Need to Level up Your Game of Startup Business

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A Salesperson is the one who is able to sell his company’s product or service to its targeted customers. The salesperson skills and his effectiveness is measured through the volume of sales he/she is getting for the company in a given period of time. 

The efficiency of a salesperson is how much effort he is putting in order to generate sales and how much persuasive he is to get people to complete the sales process. The startups and businesses are mostly dependent on their salesperson to generate revenue. 

No matter how high-quality product/service you are offering, in order to compete in the marketplace, effective salespersons are required. So the companies in the modern world are very choosy to hire someone for sales duties as this is a very demanding job and a dedicated professional is perfectly suited for them.

After this crisis situation gets passed, really influential salespersons would be required to bear up the losses. With some lenders still offering guaranteed approval loans, the revenue options are to be explored exponentially now more than ever. Here are 10 Salesperson skills you can look to develop during these quarantine times. 

Top-level Communications Skills

This is one of the basic and most common salesperson skills every salesperson must-have. A Salesperson should be able to communicate effectively with the clients. There is a two-way communication process so he must be able to communicate his own message and listen to what others want to say.

Business Communication: Prioritize learning this Salesperson skills

To survive in modern world organizations, Business Communication is the essential skill a salesperson must-have. Business communication is required for making presentations, formal communication with clients, emailing to communicate within an organization and to make proposals.

Management of Time for becoming a successful salesperson

We realize the importance of time once we enter the professional world. Sometimes you get only 5 minutes of meeting with your prospects and you have to close a deal within this given time. If their time is important salesperson time is also an important subject. 

Along with meeting with new prospects, the salesperson also has to follow up on his existing customers to generate sales. Existing clients consume more time of a salesperson discussing future order plans along with other subjects.

Ability to Gain Trust and Build Relationship

To gain trust and build a relationship, only promise something that you can deliver. Communicate regularly with the customers and give insights into your company’s upcoming policies. Never sell your customers anything that you think will not bring benefits to them. 

This will give rise to some serious marketing issues if you fail to deliver. Be an advocate of your customers and convey the problems and their demands to the top management of your company.

Goal Orientation

Goal Orientation is a qualitative skill and this is essential in achieving sales targets company sets up for you. When you meet certain targets and goals, you are able to deliver a message across that you are here for some serious business. Never take the goals of the company with a casual approach because, in the end, that’s how they are going to evaluate the performance of salespersons.

Problem Solvers: You must have this salesperson skill

The challenging thing is to be able to solve a problem during challenging situations. The sales job is not a smooth surface to walk on instead we face challenges, being alert to these types of situations is a key thing. Understand what situation demands from you and act accordingly. 

You need to know the power of your decisions and what impact it can create. Companies don’t like salespersons always coming up with the problems, instead, they love to hear what problems you actually solved yourself.

Managing Conflicts

To meet certain sales targets and goals, a salesperson often comes across conflicts within the organization and with the customers also. This is where being a salesperson is a sensitive role and you have to let go of some time to avoid conflicts. Keep everyone on board and do not let a conflict arise, as, for most of the conflicts, the root cause is the confusion. You need to make your end clear by making all things clear from your side.


Reporting has nowadays become a routine life activity of a salesperson. To report effectively to higher management salesperson must practice how to use reporting tools like Microsoft Excel and be able to summarize what has been done during a specific period of time. There are other internal reporting tools also which different companies use for Reporting and Analysis. As a salesperson, you need to master how to report and perform analyses.

Adaptability to Technology for becoming a more skillful salesperson

Organizations in this modern era are now shifting towards technological advancements and ERP solutions are being implemented. It is essential for you to update your salesperson skills regularly to be able to adapt to changes. This will also help you in enhancing your skillset and gain new experiences.

Gain Insights into Product/Service being offered

Last but not least; a salesperson should know each and every tiny detail of the products/services offered by the Organization. From product ranges, their pricing, terms of agreement and delivery time, all things should be on fingertips of the salesperson in order to be successful.