Saudi fiancee gets groom kidnapped to stop wedding

Saudi fiancee gets groom kidnapped to stop wedding

Manama: A discontented fiancée in Saudi Arabia kidnapped her betrothed to prevent him from marrying her.

The would-be bride told investigators that she requested her friend to help her stop the wedding by any means and that they eventually plotted to have the groom abducted two days before the ceremony. They asked two young men to help them execute the plan.

The fiancée called the groom, a 48-year-old man, and asked him to come and see the family to discuss the last arrangements for the ceremony.

However, as he was heading to the house, he was stopped by two men who pulled him out of his car, searched him, stole the 20,000 Saudi Riyals he was carrying and abducted him.

“One of the two abductors was tall and wore a mask while the second had his face covered with the traditional headdress,” the man later told the police.

“They tied my hands, took me to a secluded area, stripped me naked and took pictures of me,” he added.

An investigation was launched after the groom reported his abduction and the incidents that followed to the police, .

The fiancée initially denied that she had asked her groom to come over and the police decided to put pressure on her brothers to seek out the truth.

The siblings informed the investigators that they were aware two men had abducted the groom upon a request from their sister in order to stop the wedding “because she did not want to marry him,” Saudi news site Sabq reported.

The two suspects, aged 21 and 27, were arrested and they revealed to police how they carried out the instructions given by the fiancée and her friend.

The two young women were taken to a girls’ care home in Makkah pendning further investigations.