Scopus Media Acquires 90sFest, Eyes Growth in Live Events

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NEW YORK, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Scopus Media, the publisher behind top Instagram channels @basicbitch, @eats, @perfection, @vacay, and others, announced today the acquisition of 90sFest, a live events and digital media company headquartered in New York City.

90sFest was founded in 2015 by Marc Weinstein, Alex Volodarsky, Alex Massa and Brittany Wolf in partnership with Prime Social Group, a leading festival promotions company based in Ohio, with an aim to produce world class content and experiences for “the TBT generation”. Over its three years in operation, 90sFest hosted events across the country that entertained tens of thousands of fans and hundreds of thousands more online. The Company has partnered with brands like Nickelodeon’s the Splat, Steve Madden, Daybreaker, Foursquare, Hasbro, Soul Cycle, and others to create one-of-a-kind immersive experiences. 90sFest was built so that fans could travel back in time and each 90sFest experience was curated for fans to share on social media. Through this strategy, 90sFest became a leader in the immersive experience category, blazing a path for businesses like the Museum of Ice Cream, Refinery 29’s 29 Rooms, and the upcoming Museum of Selfies.

Scopus CEO, Ben Cohen said “90sFest shows great potential – this is a very exciting acquisition. What they accomplished in just a few years is really tremendous.  They established a strong brand, top quality events and built up a loyal audience.  By extending our digital strength into real world events, we can bring amazing experiences to our clients and the fans of our properties. The media industry is going through significant changes and this acquisition is consistent with our strategy to add depth to our audience.  We look forward to more opportunities in 2018 to partner with and acquire emerging companies that understand the importance of social media.”

Marc Weinstein, co-founder and CEO of 90sFest, will remain involved in an advisory capacity to oversee the transition. He added “We have always placed an enormous focus on social media, and Scopus is an industry leader. This transaction provides a great opportunity for 90sFest to continue to create engaging content to grow our online audience, and to add more value for new and existing brand partners. We look forward to this new direction.”

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Scopus Media is a publishing company with a focus on leveraging modern media, specifically Instagram, working with top fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment brands like Burger King and Universal Pictures.  Curating and creating content across multiple categories, generating a devoted and thoroughly engaged following. Scopus boasts an audience of over 15 million Generation Z and Millennial subscribers.  

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, Scopus Media Acquires 90sFest, Eyes Growth in Live Events, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News View original content:

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