Seeing the big picture on travel

Seeing the big picture on travel

Seeing the big picture on travel – Media release

12 July 2018

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New Zealanders will be able to easily create simple graphs showing international travel trends, with the launch of a new online tool for tourism and migration figures, Stats NZ said today.

By using the tool’s filters, anyone can create graphs based on a choice of passenger types, travel directions, and countries of residence/ destination, as well as visa types for permanent and long-term arrivals.

For example, you could create a graph showing how many people from New Zealand visit Australia for a winter holiday, or the number of migrants coming to New Zealand from the United Kingdom.

“We’re pleased to offer our customers the opportunity to see trends and patterns in our data without needing a lot of data analysis skills,” population insights senior manager Brooke Theyers said. “Being able to generate graphs by the click of a button will make it much easier for anyone with an interest in international travel data.”

People using the online visualiser can download the displayed graph as an image and the underlying data as an Excel file in a machine-readable format.

Go to Tourism and migration data visualiser to try the tool out.

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