Seychelles Assumption Island Saga continues

Seychelles Assumption Island Saga continues

Terry Sandapin, the Chairman of the Save Assumption Group, has shared a photo of his elderly mother taken at a protest demonstration in Victoria. Madame Hooper Hoareau is now 85-years-old and suffers from Parkinson disease, but was still determined to be present to say “No is No”.

The recent news published in India speaks of the remodelling of the Assumption Island project for a military base with India. It remains a sad determination by those in power to refuse to hear the desperate plea of the people about the fate of one of their Nation’s island treasures.

Furthermore, it has not gone without notice that Assumption Island has recently been removed from a high biodiversity protection zone under the highly praised and world-renowned Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) initiative. It was only in October 2017 that Assumption was classed as a High Biodiversity Area- Zone 1, alongside Aldabra. However, it has somehow and mysteriously been removed. When and why did this happen, remain pertinent questions for the relevant Authorities to answer.

With the increased discontent of the Seychellois people in this regard, the only honorable thing to do would be to call for a referendum and let Seychellois have their say.

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