Seychelles gears up for 10th Eco-Friendly Race

Seychelles gears up for 10th Eco-Friendly Race

Seychelles things up for 10th Eco-Friendly Marathon (Forimmediaterelease. net) At the end of Feb, Seychelles will be hosting its tenth Eco-Friendly Marathon, the second event upon its national calendar of activities.

Held every last Weekend of February, the event was started in 2008 by the Seychelles’ honorary consul in South Korea Jingle Chang Jeong who is also an experienced marathon runner. He continues to be a part of top marathons across the world.

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Mr. Jeong approached the Seychelles government with his vision for a Seychelles marathon that would encourage a healthy way of living, unify Seychellois and visiting sportsmen, and raise the profile of the Seychelles brand.

For the initial marathon, there were about 330 joggers of 19 nationalities who got part in this event.

The attraction of running contrary to the stunning backdrop of Mahé Island’ s spectacular beauty combined with the radiant marathon ambiance proved to be an instant strike and by 2011, the number of runners improved to over 1, 000 of at least 31 nationalities.

At the same time, Jeong and his team have guaranteed that they bring the flavors, sights, plus sounds of Korea with them by means of a special Korean gala dinner right after each marathon featuring the value added attractions of a Korean buffet supper, classical music and cultural trade concerts, fashion shows, traditional Korean music, and exhibitions.

The 2017 Seychelles Eco-Friendly Workshop will feature four courses: five km, 10 km, half-marathon, plus full marathon, which meander with the stunning countryside of north Mahé, allowing runners to enjoy heart-stopping sights of lush mountain greenery plus an azure ocean sprinkled along with glistening islands, like gemstones emerge water. It is hard to imagine the marathon course of such sublime elegance – a secret that is right now well and truly out.

The state prize-giving that same evening is going to be followed by a special Korean gala supper and Seychelles-Korea cultural exchange exhibit.

At its beginning in 2008, few could have dreamed that the Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon might have attracted so many runners down the many years and achieved the status it offers in Seychelles’ calendar of occasions. Today, Seychelles’ very own marathon is certainly on the road to attracting more people to participate with its alluring mix of sport, tradition, and island-style entertainment.

The 2017 Seychelles Eco-Friendly Race is expected to welcome some five, 000 runners from the four areas of the world.

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