, Seychelles Tourism department meets commission realtors to discuss new procedures and Program code of Conduct, WorldNews | Travel Wire News

Seychelles Tourism department meets commission realtors to discuss new procedures and Program code of Conduct

, Seychelles Tourism department meets commission realtors to discuss new procedures and Program code of Conduct, WorldNews | Travel Wire News (Forimmediaterelease. net) As part of its effort to ensure that guests receive the best possible service from providers and following a series of discussions with all the different partners, the Seychelles Travel and leisure department held a meeting with payment agents earlier this week.

The goal was to discuss the new procedure for program and renewal of licenses and also the revised license conditions and Program code of Conduct.

The particular meeting held on February six at the ex-assembly hall, National Ethnic Centre was chaired by the primary secretary for tourism Anne Lafortune.

Also present had been Colonel Andre Ciseau from the Seychelles Ports Authority and representatives from your Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) as well as the department of Police.

Mrs. Lafortune informed those existing that as from March one, 2017, commission agents will be necessary, subsequent to applying to the SLA, to attempt an interview at the Ministry of Travel and leisure, Civil Aviation, Ports and Ocean in order to ensure that they are aware of the type of business of commission realtors and the ethical and professional carry out that is expected of them when preventing powering their duties.

Judy Sinon from SLA said the particular conditions of license will also be modified as from March 1 plus agents shall be issued with brand new conditions.

She additional that the conditions must be abided in order to by each commission agent which a breach of condition will certainly lead to action being taken contrary to the agent by the SLA.

These conditions include disclosing agreements between the operators and agents towards the authority, wearing a visible badge because obtained from the SLA and dealing with clients with respect.

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Mrs. Sinon reminded them that will as commission agents, they are not in order to transfer clients nor accept any kind of remuneration on behalf of the operators.

To note, prior to obtaining the brand new conditions of license, all commission payment agents will have to undergo a refresher course that is to be conducted from the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviators, Ports And Marine in the arriving few weeks. Such course will, to any extent further, become a requirement prior for the revival of licenses and commission providers will have to satisfy the ministry that they are suit and proper to conduct this kind of services.

Furthermore, Bernice Senaratne from the tourism department well informed commission agents of the new Program code of Conduct indicating that they are to make sure they provide a good service to customers.

She added that every commission agents will have to treat customers with courtesy, being sensitive for their cultural background as well as treat various other commission agents and operators inside the tourism sector with respect.

The police department represented simply by Assistant Superintendent Wilson Denis, more assured commission agents of law enforcement presence in order to support the clean delivery of activities thus making certain there are no difficulties during the supply of their services. This is especially pursuing the receipt of certain reports there were a few disturbances during their procedure.

As for the commission realtors, they welcomed the need for an established platform. They expressed however that it is not really practical to not receive at least the deposit for clients as they have to secure the deal once they sell something. They further expressed their need a proper designated area to operate specifically outside of the New Port.

The department as well as all other organizations present welcomed all proposals plus informed that all comments shall be properly considered and where changes to become made, it shall be communicated appropriately.

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