Seychelles Tourism Minister continues visits in order to Mahe’s establishments

Seychelles Tourism Minister continues visits in order to Mahe’s establishments

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The Minister for Tourism, Municipal Aviation, Ports and Marine, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, visited another 10 travel and leisure properties on Mahe last week.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne is performing a series of door-to-door visits to travel and leisure properties in the country to meet the administration teams and staff, and to obtain an idea of the various products the fact that Seychelles’ tourism industry has to offer towards the world.

During their visits, Minister Loustau-Lalanne discusses the primary challenges that these establishments face along with their success stories.

At the end of last week, he visited small and huge hotels in the districts of St Louis, Bel Air, and Interface Glaud.

His very first stop was at JAL self-catering, only a few minutes away from the capital associated with Victoria. This property is maintained by Winsley Coopoosamy and Jacqueline Leon. It is made up of two flats, each consisting of three bedrooms.

Located in a quiet region at St . Louis, JAL self-catering has been in operation since October 2016.

Hilltop Boutique Resort, up Serret road at St Louis, was the next property stopped at by Minister Loustau-Lalanne, who was becoming accompanied by the Principal Secretary for Travel and leisure, Anne Lafortune.

Situated next to the famous Marie-Antoinette cafe, Hilltop Boutique Hotel is made up of 7 spacious apartments and four facilities rooms.

The resort runs on a bed-and-breakfast basis plus came into operation in April 2015. Irine Fonseka, who runs the particular hotel, and her team, make sure that clients do get a taste from the local Creole cuisine while in Seychelles.

Fresh juices, locally made jams, fruit cocktails, and bar-b-que are all prepared using local substances and touch.

The particular seven-bedroom Hotel Bel Air, operate by Roland Rassool was also among the list of hotels visited.

Mister. Rassool showed Minister Loustau-Lalanne plus Mrs. Lafortune one of the rooms, just before discussing several issues raised simply by guests at his hotel.

These include the issue of public lavatories and signage on beaches or even districts, indicating the name of the place, using the aim of making these places a lot more welcoming and visitor-friendly.

The visit continued to the tremendous mountain side on the western side associated with Mahe. Sans Souci is just the ideal spot on Mahe to indulge in a good amount of tranquility, with only the sound from the swaying leaves and the singing wild birds, with an ideal backdrop of the sky-touching Morne Seychellois mountain and the fresha ir.

Four tourism escapes are nestled in this beautiful eco-friendly mountainous setting – Mountain Resort formerly known as Mountain Rise resort, the Station Retreat Hotel, The Sans Souci, and Copolia Villa.

Constance Ephelia Holiday resort, Gigi’ s self-catering apartments, plus Villa de Jardin were furthermore among the tourism establishments visited.

Minister Loustau-Lalanne has recommended the owners of the establishments for your impressive products in the tourism sector. He has reaffirmed the ministry’ ersus support in helping to alleviate challenges influencing these businesses.


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