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Seychelles Tourism worth protecting as “Pillar of the Economy”

Seychelles is defined to get rid of 2019 having an upsurge in visitor arrival figures of 3%. “That is good news” may be the comment echoed by Alain St.Ange, the former Tourism Minister of Seychelles. “Year is definitely very good news our islands will again experience an excellent tourism, but expectations are higher and the necessity for a buoyant tourism industry needed as part of your before.”

Seychelles has been recording impressive growth in tourism consistently, certainly since 2009 when Seychelles moved to reorganize the Seychelles Tourism Board that resulted in the creation of a Ministry of Tourism once more after an lack of a Tourism Minister for several years.

ATC News, the Aviation, Travel and Conservation News from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands on December 21 wrote:


With significantly less than fourteen days to go, the entire year just checking prior to the YULETIDE SEASON and probably the most busy season of, has Seychelles’ tourism industry reason to again celebrate once.

According to data received from the National Bureau of Statistics there’s been 2% upsurge in visitor’s arrival when compared to same period in 2017 with 325,628 arrivals so in comparison to 320 far, year 132 last.

Notably has Switzerland replaced India on the list of six top best performing markets during 2018.

Arrivals by country of origin of tourist visitors, for the most notable six markets, were:

Germany – 53,127

France – 40,806

UK/N. Ireland – 24,369

UAE – 23,259

Italy – 22,547

Switzerland – 12,081

The advance of German over French visitors has been largely blamed on the lackluster performance of French airlines JOON which had in collusion with Seychelles government departments pushed Air Seychelles off the route – to only recently announce that their flights is only going to be seasonal rather than year-round now.

Germany subsequently remains the primary tourist source market for the Seychelles now with a 16% market share and having replaced France because the archipelago’s leading source market for quite some time.

Data seen also shows that there’s been a decline in the amount of visitors from some important markets such as for example China, South and russia Africa.

On the upside though, year on year despite the fact that the upsurge in visitor number has slowed up from previous double digit rises, gets the Central Bank of Seychelles reported a rise in the tourism earnings for the existing years. Consolidated figures released show a 5.1 million USD equivalent tourism related income or in local currency 7.1 billion Seychelles Rupees. In 2017 the comparable tourism earnings were 4.4 million USD equal to 5.9 billion Seychelles Rupees. Year these data claim that visitors spent more on a per capita basis than last, rooted in higher accommodation tariffs and greater shelling out for location,” said ACT News.

The most up to date data from the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) implies that the task by their Marketing Department in collaboration with the island’s private sector is paying dividends. A rise marked that performance over each quarter of 2018. Overall Seychelles will end the entire year with a complete visitor arrivals increase of 3%. It isn’t a negative show but could it be when one assesses the dependency of Seychelles on tourism enough.

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The Seychelles performance is in step with the growth in global international travel, that your US World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) published was the strongest bring about seven years. In line with the UNWTO, international tourist arrivals climbed to at least one 1,323 million in 2017 — a rise of 6.8 % when compared to same period in 2016.

Seychelles may offer diversity in product from the top quality to people to the Seychellois ‘Home Grown’ block of accommodation network where in fact the Seychellois feeling and culture may be the center point. The wide variety of 5 Star Resorts, the main one Island – One Hotel group, small island styled hotels, attractions and activities enables Seychelles to become a destination for the discerning travelers searching for a tropical island because of their holidays. This diversity available has managed to get simpler to deliver on visitor expectations, visitor experiences, and placed into perspective the question of affordability.

Seychelles all together has agreed that tourism may be the industry worth protecting and that it will consider the point that every year income for the island from tourism keeps the Seychelles economy floating nicely. That is in addition to the employment positions open to Seychellois. All too often it really is heard that every family in Seychelles has someone used in the tourism industry or has invested straight into the tourism industry. For this reason every responsible Seychellois must support this vital industry and ensure the National Assembly of the hawaiian islands ensures adequate funding can be acquired for the continued marketing of Seychelles.

The social folks of the islands on the part need to make sure that Seychelles’ tag line as a safe tourism destination is safeguarded and protected. Seychelles is probably the safest destinations in the global world which we must ensure we remain so. But we also must double our efforts in ensuring mare can be acquired for our people to do. They can not spend and raise the island’s yield from the that has been the pillar of its economy should they don’t have things you can do. That is why innovations by Destination Management Companies (DMCs) is essential and just why the Tourism Board must be sure each company is well publicized in order that visitors are tempted to go out of these hotels to get a better connection with the sights and sounds of the Seychelles.

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