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Significant Growth in Tourism Arrival Numbers Affects the Abacos Positively

Abaco is seeing what officials are calling “significant growth” in tourism arrival numbers, so much in order that all hotels in Marsh Hope and Harbour Town — close from August to November which typically, are open at this time.

Ministry of Tourism officials are reporting that you will see “minimal” hotel closures in Abaco this fall because of increases in stopover people to The Bahamas.

Wynsome Ferguson, manager of the Abaco Tourist Office, through the August to November period said all hotels in Marsh Harbour and Hope Town will stay open, that is sees resorts and frequently restaurants reduce their hours or close typically.

“This season hotel closures for the fall in Abaco are in a minimal,” she said. “The hotels in Hope Town and Marsh Harbour shall remain open, and this is basically because Abaco has been luckily enough to not have already been influenced by any major hurricanes during the past four to five years.

“Also, in the last several years, we’ve seen a substantial growth inside our tourism arrival numbers, which includes resulted in a continuing booming tourism season for industry and hoteliers partners on the island.”

She indicated that the amount of time that hotels, restaurants, marinas along with other tourist-related facilities are closed seems to have decreased also, this month among others resuming service in October with some opening.

Silver Airways, though, from September 3 until mid-November has announced the suspension of flights into Treasure Cay AIRPORT TERMINAL.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation (BMOTA) recently reported that The Bahamas experienced significant upsurge in foreign air arrivals that is up 2.8 percent.

Dionisio D’Aguilar, minister of aviation and tourism, said The Bahamas was forecasting further improvements upon the two 2.8 percent upsurge in foreign stopover visitors during 2018 to-date.

It’s another strong step for the Out Islands of The Bahamas, which are continuing to put themselves as a significant destination beyond the normal hub of Paradise and Nassau Island.

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“We have been happy with the recent results and we anticipate a continued upward trend which will positively reflect the tremendous effort we place into our marketing program,” said Bahamas Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar. “The Bahamas is really a magnificent spot to visit and we’re pleased to note that travelers opting for our home as their destination of preference still.”

Following is really a set of hotels, restaurants along with other businesses which are closing for the off-season.


South Abaco

  • The Delphi Club – Closed from July until October

Treasure Cay

  • Bahama Beach Club – From September 1 &ndash closed; October 31
  • Treasure Sands Club – From September 24 &ndash closed; October 21

Green Turtle Cay

  • Bluff House – From September 4 &ndash closed; October 26
  • Green Turtle Club – From August 19 &ndash closed; October 26
  • Harvey’s Island Grill – Closed from September 1 – October 31
  • Leeward Yacht Club – From September 17 &ndash closed; September 25
  • Pineapples Bar & Grill – Closed from beginning of September – Third week of November
  • The Wrecking Tree – Week of August &ndash closed from the 3rd; Ending of November


Elbow Cay

  • Capt’ Jacks – From August 3 &ndash closed; October 9
  • Hope Town Coffee House – From August 4 &ndash closed; November 5
  • Wine Down Sip-Sip – From August 15 &ndash closed; October 31

Little Harbour

Pete’s Pub – Closed from August 19 – November 1


Dock & Dine – Closed for October and September

MOW Heritage Center and RESTAURANT – Closed from September 1 – November 1

Marsh Harbour

2 Da Island &ndash

  • Back; From December 22 &ndash closed; January 7
  • Jakes Restaurant – Closed end of August – September 17
  • Jib Room – Closed from mid-August – Mid-November
  • Wally’s – Closed from end of August – End of November

re-opening and

Closing dates are at the mercy of change.