Slamming the brakes on Stratford’s tourism?

Slamming the brakes on Stratford’s tourism?

STRATFORD’S key tourism and retail leaders say they’re shocked and dismayed at your choice by Stagecoach to get rid of its City Sightseeing open top bus tours in the city this winter.

of the entire year &ndash

For a crucial six months; with regards to essential income – visitors won’t have the ability to tour historic properties on the easily recognised red buses from November to April.

The news comes as a body blow to businesses in the city at the same time when everyone linked to travel, retail and specifically tourism are doing everything they are able to to support the neighborhood economy.

The domino effect is obvious to see; minus the option for people to visit and off the red double decker tourism bus at their very own convenience, business leaders fear tourists shall elect to head to places like Bath, Oxford, Windsor and London thus boycotting Stratford town centre altogether instead.

For a long time Stratford’s reference to Shakespeare has trained with international status but which could all change on Sunday 4th November when City Sightseeing withdraws its winter service for the very first time ever for over 15 years.

on Saturday 13th April 2019

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It will resume, however the decision has been described by Joe Baconnet Stratforward Bid director as “short sighted.” Dave Matthews of Magic Alley in Bell Court fears your choice is really a “terrible shame, which reduces Stratford to another class tourist town effectively.” Sources at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust &ndash meanwhile; that could be suffering from a possible loss in&nbsp worst; visitor trade on the busses – say they’re disappointed that at no stage were they or other organisations in the city consulted by Stagecoach.

Philippa Rawlinson, director of operations and marketing at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust said: “We have been naturally disappointed that Stagecoach has had your choice to withdraw its City Sightseeing service in Stratford for the wintertime months. We and our partners in Shakespeare’s England would like to create on Stratford’s attraction as a year-round destination with new winter programming and initiatives to encourage visitors to visit more regularly and linger longer.  We have been also taking every possibility to press for improved transport links to fortify the town’s appeal among the UK’s must-see destinations.”

While Mary Arden’s Farm is closed for the wintertime, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage remains open as do another Birthplace Rely upon Stratford, for a large number of winter people to the town the flexibleness of the bus can be an ideal solution to visit historic attractions and revel in some retail and food therapy because they stroll around.

Helen Peters, leader of Shakespeare’s England also things your choice is bad news for Stratford: “The largest impact may very well be on the Birthplace Trust and specifically the transport link and link with Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and much more importantly, because of distance, Mary Arden’s Farm.

This can be an exemplory case of why it becomes more important each year for tourism businesses in your community to aid their DMO in order that we can continue steadily to promote Shakespeare’s England as a destination. Just as that RSC and SBT do already. Each year as UK Tourism in every regions of the united kingdom ups its game it becomes more competitive. No longer is it possible to depend on saying ‘they’ll arrived at Stratford&rsquo always; whenever there are so a great many other iconic places supplying a great experience also.”

So why has Stagecoach pulled the plug on which is apparently a favorite and convenient City Sightseeing service enjoyed by visitors not only in Stratford but around the world?

Chris Child, marketing manager of Stagecoach Midlands said: “This season stagecoach Midlands has had the decision never to run a winter tour. Because so many people will appreciate the amount of people attempting to take an open top bus tour through the winter season is minimal and we have been therefore unable to run something economically whenever we don’t have the demand.”

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