Sleep better during holiday travel with these portable blackout blinds

Sleep better during holiday travel with these portable blackout blinds

Holiday travel picks up from November to New Year’s Day, and odds are you’ll find yourself in a strange hotel bed, pull out couch, or ancient guest room mattress in the next couple of months. But holiday travel plans don’t need to throw a wrench in your sleep schedule. Try these portable blackout blinds for a better night of sleep no matter where you’re resting your head.

How They Work

These blackout blinds from Easyblinds are quick and easy to use on any window. Simply attach the suction cups to the window glass and the removable frame fasteners to the window frame to block out sunlight, street lamps, or Christmas lights.

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Compact Design

These blackout blinds come in a range of sizes from small to XXL with the largest blackout blinds fitting windows up to 119 inches by 57 inches. They fold up easily and can be stored in a convenient carry case that fits in your suitcase for travel. The lightweight material blocks out light without adding extra bulk to your bag.

Why Customers Love It

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Customers loved how stable these portable blackout curtains were once installed and noted how powerful the suction cups were. They also liked that the blackout curtains prevented light bleeding in from the sides of windows. Parents said this blackout curtain was a lifesaver in their child’s room or nursery and helped both their kids and them get extra hours of sleep every day.

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