Solid Leadership Team Enters Competition pertaining to Tourism Top Job

Solid Leadership Team Enters Competition pertaining to Tourism Top Job


As countries across the globe voice their own backing of individuals as possible leader from the global tourism community come the final of term in office associated with Taleb Rifai, current Secretary Common of the UNWTO, Asia is strongly stepping forward with its proposal for the new era of global travel and leisure leadership.

Not one chief seeking to charter a new path meant for tourism according to their perspective. Rather, a partnership of two symbolizing a formidable team uniquely experienced to champion a tourism upcoming for the benefit of greater global growth and unity.

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Along with great pride and confidence, the particular Republic of KOREA has displayed for candidacy of the role associated with Secretary General of the UNWTO certainly one of South Korea’ s finest children and leaders: AMBASSADOR DHO YOUNG-SHIM.

With over 3 decades associated with her life dedicated to global development, through Tourism, Ambassador Dho knows firsthand how nations around the world may use Tourism to elevate not just their financial systems, but their social fabric, their environment protection, their identity, their competitiveness…. and their feeling of satisfaction as a meaningful player in the worldwide community.

Having been actively playing a front line role within tourism at a global level within the past 4 decades, and operating inside the UN and UNWTO for over 20 years, Ambassador Dho was most recently within the capacity of Chairperson of the ST-EP Foundation, the UNWTO’ s devoted operating unit focused on the removal of poverty through tourism. The particular ST-EP Foundation is now in its last days of UNWTO custodianship in accordance with a choice taken in 2013 by the UNWTO Professional Council and its membership at the UNWTO General Assembly.

Understanding from first-hand experience the challenges plus opportunities for tourism across most of regions of the world, especially tourism’ s i9000 ability to elevate nations for the advantage of all citizens, Ambassador Dho is usually firm in her belief that will with the right leadership, tourism may finally get the attention, support plus resources needed to operate as an important part of the global growth agenda.

In her own words, Ambassador Dho is clear in her convictions:

We reside in challenging times. I see it, you observe it. All around. People are struggling to find wish. No country is able to get away from the particular troubles that the world is going through, whether in their economy, or among their people. This generation is never so challenged in how to create an upcoming for all to come together, peacefully, along with a feeling of personal value. At the same time, I realize, I know, that tourism offers a method for people, whoever they are and where ever they live, to have hope. Travel and leisure creates jobs. It creates stability. Plus it naturally creates identity. I know the that makes to creating opportunities for nations to build a future for the better of most. Tourism must be seen and utilized a part of the solution to global growth and development. Now could be a time for action. No more words. Action”

Because of this, Ambassador Dho views the position associated with UNWTO leadership holistically. Dho stresses,:

It’ s not regarding me. It’ s about the UNWTO global tourism community. We – we all together, are working to bring the entire world to a better place, one exactly where people can recognize and commemorate their value, and the value of other people. As Secretary General it will be the job to empower others to ensure that tourism can be applied to lift upward people and places across the world, producing economies stronger, societies stronger. Since Secretary General, it will be my work to unlock the power of travel and leisure as a force for good for all. Yet I cannot do this alone. No one can. It ought to be a team effort. ”

Uniquely, Ambassador Dho is openly positioning the girl team, asking one of the global travel and leisure community’ s most trusted commanders to join her candidacy ticket because her running mate – CARLOS VOGELER. A Spanish national given birth to in Venezuela, from a well-known Spanish-German family, has dedicated more than 3 decades of his professional life towards the tourism private sector, simultaneously with all the Academia, as an University Professor, and it is well known to the UNWTO membership plus global tourism sector. He is presently Executive Director for Member Relationships at the UNWTO and also Regional Movie director for the Americas.

Developing a powerful combination of leadership offering unparalleled balance of global representation, encounter and expertise across business plus government, access and gender, the particular partnership of Dho and Vogeler reflects a well thought through, organized, mature and visionary approach to competition for the UNWTO’ s top work.

Leadership over market leaders. Tourism as a central part of the way to global stability, unity, and chance.

As stated by the Ambassador of Foreign Affairs of Korea in Spain on formal presentation associated with his nation’ s chosen applicant:

“ Together, Madame Dho, with the girl chosen Deputy, Carlos Vogeler, a common and respected leader of plus friend to global Tourism, provide an unique combination of global expertise, encounter, insight and exposure. My nation is confident in their exceptional capability to lead the UNWTO, and its a regular membership, to a position of even greater significance and impact within the Tourism field, and wider global community. ”

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