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South Africa: Sun City Open Again After Two Injured, Buildings, Vehicles and 200 Rooms Damaged By Freak Storm

“Sun City can concur that Sun Central and the Valley of the Waves will undoubtedly be open today for day visitors and hotel guests,on Sunday morning ” spokesperson Enid Vickers said.

On Saturday, individuals were told to go back home carrying out a freak hailstorm and severe flooding.Two different people were injured and buildings and vehicles, including 200 resort rooms nearly, the weekend were damaged by way of a massive freak hailstorm that hit Sun City over, on Sunday the vacation resort said.

“Two different people sustained injuries from slipping on wet floors. These were treated at the onsite clinic before being used in nearby hospitals,” CEO Thabo Mosololi said in a statement.

Furthermore, “by midnight yesterday evening, the estimated amount of rooms affected include 80 rooms at the Soho Hotel, 40 rooms at the Cabanas, 30 at the Cascades Hotel, 26 at the Vacation Club and 20 at The Palace”.

Mosololi said that the problem on Sunday morning was “serious but in order”.

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“Almost all of the damage was due to flash flooding at sunlight Central family and entertainment precinct, and in ground floor resort rooms.”

Earlier, he said that new visitors coming to the resort were being advised to come back home.

The hailstorm hit the North West region of the Pilanesberg and surrounding areas at around 16:30 on Saturday. Day visitors were evacuated from sunlight Central and Sun Welcome Centres subsequently, which had sustained the worst damage.

“Guests whose accommodation was affected were being given alternative options. Some guests opted to leave the resort to come back home.”

The resort’s emergency services were on the floor and assessing the problem.

“Contingency plans come in place, and mop-up operations are under way in damaged resort rooms and public areas to ensure normal operations resume immediately.”

Source: News24