Spain WARNING: Government issues travel advice for Brits flying to Benidorm on holiday

Spain WARNING: Government issues travel advice for Brits flying to Benidorm on holiday

The futuristic PAL-V Liberty model makes its first ever appearance in the UK on Monday as it reaches completion.

The model will touch down at the Farnborough International Airshow as the public gets it first ever look at the aircraft all week.

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It is set to take to the skies across the US and Europe in 2019/20 – with orders already being made now for delivery in the next two years.

Its Dutch makers say the machine is now in the final stages of completion and is going through the last step of the certification process to allow it in the skies.


Once completed, the mass production process will begin as the Liberty prepares to fly up to 11,480ft in the air and 100mph on the ground.

“It takes a lot of testing to prove that the PAL-V Liberty complies with the regulations,” said Mike Stekelenburg, PAL-V’s chief engineer.

“Our design philosophy of complying with existing road and air regulations saved us many years in time to market.

“Instead of opting for a flying car concept on the basis of not yet existing or immature technologies, requiring new regulations, we deliberately chose to design, engineer and manufacture a flying car with proven technologies.


“This approach enables a realistic and imminent first product delivery date.”

The James Bond-like machine will take up to 10 minutes to switch from drive to fly mode when it finally takes off.

Perks include smooth flying, with drivers experiencing just 20% of the turbulence compared to a traditional fixed-wing aircraft.

“The production model is the moment of truth. The moment where the wall between fiction and facts is torn down,” said Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V. “A production model is the last stage in the R&D process before starting full production and delivery.


“All certifications required for commercialisation will be granted on the basis of this production model. It’s the pivotal point that separates pioneers from dreamers.

“Once full certification is granted in 2020 we will hand over the keys of the PAL-V Liberty to our first customers.”

Liberty’s makers say the machine “is not a helicopter”, but that “in flying mode the PAL-V is a gyroplane”, adding: “The difference? The rotor of the helicopter is powered by an engine.

“The blades of the PAL-V are not powered. They are powered by the wind. As long there as is airflow they rotate. They act like a continuously open parachute.”

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