Spotlight: Tourism Northern Ontario gets a fresh name: Impacts you a lot more than you’d think

, Spotlight: Tourism Northern Ontario gets a fresh name: Impacts you a lot more than you’d think, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News
, Spotlight: Tourism Northern Ontario gets a fresh name: Impacts you a lot more than you’d think, TravelWireNews | World News, TravelWireNews | World News

Tourism Northern Ontario, a business leading economic growth in tourism for the north recently relaunched under their new brand, Destination Northern Ontario (DNO). The organization’s fresh title makes a confident statement concerning the region’s network of premier places of interest and aligns with the branding of counterparts, Destination Ontario and Destination Canada.

So, how come this vital that you you? The email address details are in the real numbers.

Did you understand?

One from every four businesses in the north is tourism-related with 40% of the workforce linked to tourism. One of the biggest draws to your region, angling tourism, generates over 6000 jobs and contributes around $450 million toward Ontario’every year s gross domestic product.

The tourism economy in Northern Ontario is higher than Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Atlantic provinces.

Regional tourism is really a critical asset to your economy and impacts everybody who resides in the north either directly or indirectly. An influx of over 8 million visitors who spend $1.6 billion supports your favourite restaurants annually, outfitters, shops, and more. Not forgetting the half of a billion in tax dollars the generates to finance local and provincial initiatives that simply make life in the north better for residents and guests alike.

Successes and continued growth

Although the real name is new, the mission of Destination Northern Ontario continues to spotlight significantly growing tourism revenues in Northern Ontario through partnership initiatives, industry training, marketing product and support development for regional businesses.

How, can you ask?

By launching new, evidence-based products for the north


Initiatives like Destination Northern Ontario’s bilingual wayfinding sign program is transforming communities. Installing 185 wayfinding signs is helping increase visitor satisfaction by guiding guests around Northern Ontario to the places they would like to see.

The ongoing program is likely to double this figure on the next year and promotes a far more seamless and user-friendly travel experience.

Through leveraging huge amount of money to get advanced tourism programming


Destination Northern Ontario creates business development opportunities through their Partnership Program that is centered on providing strategic and financial support for regional operators. Over 70 tourism businesses and organizations take annually part in the Partnerships Programs, each successfully leveraging their partnership fund by nearly 500%.

Leading significant marketing programs for regional businesses

DNO helps businesses utilize important domestic, border, and international markets through marketing support. Digital marketing efforts have observed over 4.3 million visits to regional tourism websites and also have grown an online social community in the millions.

Mentorship and education

Destination Northern Ontario is targeted on helping businesses improve the quality of these services and products to create the very best visitor experience possible. The Tourism Excellence North program (TEN) offers self-learning, group learning and personalized coaching opportunities in the name of bettering businesses and promoting sustainability all.

Over 400 people have participated in the Tourism Excellence North program up to now.

Looking to the future

Destination Northern Ontario is among 13 not-for-profit regional tourism organizations funded by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Sport and culture. 100 % of DNO’s expenditures support tourism growth in Northern Ontario.

Destination Northern Ontario’s new brand identity can be an exciting change for the sets and organization positive expectations for future years. It embodies their continued commitment to delivering economic growth in tourism for the spot.

For more info on Destination Northern Ontario, visit or follow DNO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn how #TourismRocks in the north.