Sri Lanka {advantages from} using .travel

The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau is witnessing {the advantages of} {utilizing the} .travel domain name with . Since its launch seven {years back}, the site has received over {an incredible number of} page views, with many unique, first-time visitors.

Kicking its promotional efforts into full gear with , {the united states} joined {a great many other} popular {holiday destinations} and organizations in using .travel {because of its} website and emails.

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“{Whenever we} were developing our website initially, we {made a decision to} {utilize the} .travel domain {since it} was globally accepted,” said the then Managing Director of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.
In fact, the Sri Lanka Tourism website was revamped with {a fresh} {appear and feel} {consistent with} {a fresh} brand strategy launching that same year.

To plan your dream {visit to} Sri Lanka, explore wildlife, and experience an island of small miracles, visit .

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