Starbucks on the chopping block: Protesters call for boycott over company’s ban on Black Lives Matter accessories

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Celebrities and activists are calling for Starbucks to be boycotted after the company has reminded its employees that wearing accessories, even in support of the noble Black Lives Matter cause, would be a violation of dress code.

According to an internal memo obtained by Buzzfeed, Starbucks doesn’t want employees donning any Black Lives Matter attire — pins, buttons, t-shirts, etc. — because there are people who “misconstrue” the movement and the sight of such items could lead to violence in stores.

That report was all it took for the company to find itself the latest target of social media mobs as #BoycottStarbucks began earning thousands of tweets and trending on the social media site. 

“We boycotting Starbucks,” musician SZA tweeted on Thursday, then asking her followers to share the names and locations of black-owned coffee shops to support. 

Musician Katie Mowgley joined the call for a protest, as did other celebrities.

“Starbucks canceled,” musician Reason said.

Actress Emmy Rossum made the oh-so-bold move of deleting the Starbucks app on her phone.

Others went after the company for previously releasing a public statement showing solidarity with the Black Lives movement, as well as allowing employees to wear LGTQ attire.

Besides outright boycotting the company, other suggestions included forcing employees to write “black lives matter” on cups — the company writes customers’ requested names on their cups before serving.

For some, however, yet another call for something to be canceled in light of Black Lives Matter protests was more a point of mockery.

“This is GLORIOUS.  Starbucks sent an internal memo banning employees from wearing any Black Lives Matter shirts or pins because it violates their policy against advocating for a ‘political, religious or personal issue’ at work … This, after they publicly endorsed the movement! Haha,” conservative author Mark Dice tweeted.

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