Statewide Tourism meetings and Legislative Bash

Statewide Tourism meetings and Legislative Bash

Last week the Alabama Tourism industry hosted its quarterly statewide tourism meetings and our 18th annual Tourism Legislative Bash.

Each quarter all of the tourism organizations, like DeKalb Tourism, meet to discuss marketing programs and business plans to help grow the tourism industry statewide. The unity of the industry working together provides strength in numbers. It allows us to learn more and to witness what each of us is doing to support growth in our industry. The tourism industry in Alabama has doubled in a decade. The growth in visitor numbers and the dollars spent by them in Alabama has perpetuated Alabama to become the 13th largest tourism economy in the United States, including Washington D.C. Tennessee and Georgia are slightly higher than us but we are larger than North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana. The top states are obviously due to mostly one city or one attraction. Florida, New York, Nevada (due to Las Vegas) and California. We are larger than all of the New England and mid western states.

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