Steller and Women Who Explore announce partnership to promote female led travel experiences

Steller and Women Who Explore announce partnership to promote female led travel experiences

KIRKLAND, WASH. –, the world’s leading storytelling community, announced it has created a partnership with Calgary-based Women Who Explore, a travel community focused on getting all women outdoors no matter their experience, fitness or activity level. 

Women Who Explore, founded in 2016 by sisters Lindsay and Jenny MacNevin, offers weekend getaways to its community through over 100 Ambassadors across the world. Women Who Explore and will begin immediately sharing unique stories about these experiences to both communities.

“The community that Lindsay and Jenny built was on values that we share. We are excited to help launch them to our international community of users. We are confident about the long term potential of their business growing across our user base, recognizing the strength of Steller is in its global community and the power of storytelling,” said Pete Bryant, co-founder and CEO of Steller.

“Steller allows us to tell stories about real women in the outdoors and the experiences they have traveling with Women Who Explore,” said Women Who Explore CEO Lindsay MacNevin. “We welcome women from all over the world to this awesome community, to join your local group or start one, come on a getaway, lose yourself in the experience, share your experience with a Steller story and be inspired to get outdoors and meet other awesome women. We felt that Steller was the right approach for us and our community, it is easy to create and share our incredible experiences with other women.”

Beginning in late October 2018, Women Who Explore will begin introducing Steller stories about upcoming weekend getaway and trip opportunities to its community of over 500,000 members. Steller will launch these stories to its over 800,000 members. Both companies will also work together on ways to make it easier for members to reserve or book trips. Steller will work with Women Who Explore to also launch explore new international markets. Today Steller is active in 189 countries.

“We believe that Women Who Explore represents the future in experiential travel and experiences that are community sourced and marketed,” said Pete Bryant. “Steller is the perfect home we were looking for. They share our thinking and feeling about how we chose to run our business,” said Lindsay MacNevin.

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