‘Strange things happen every day:’ Merkel sings at election event (VIDEO)

‘Strange things happen every day:’ Merkel sings at election event (VIDEO)

With Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leading the polls ahead of Germany’s parliamentary elections, a seemingly upbeat chancellor pumped out the beats at a recent election event.

Merkel was caught on camera blowing off steam at one of her party’s election events that featured an improvised concert. The video published on YouTube by the German N24 TV Channel shows the joyful chancellor picking up the tune of ‘Strange things happen every day’ performed by a well-known German jazz singer, Uschi Bruening.

Merkel seems to be absolutely clear of any worries. “One has not seen the chancellor so relaxed for a long period of time,” a caption under the video reads. The event reportedly took place in Berlin during the weekend.

Meanwhile, the results of a recent poll should be music to Merkel’s ears. Her CDU party is leading the polls by a wide margin, which amounts to some 15 percent points between it and its closest competitors – the Social Democrats.

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A survey conducted by Germany’s INSA Company on September 11 puts the level of public support for Merkel’s party at 36.5 percent. Support for the Social Democrats stands at 23,5 percent.

However, public backing for the anti-immigrant populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is also on the rise and this could make it the third largest party in the German parliament. For now, the right-wing populists enjoy the approval of 11 percent of Germans.

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