Sudan: Tourism Sector Development's Workshop Calls for Its Development in Line With International Standards

Khartoum — The participants in the workshop on the development of tourism sector in Sudan in the five states of Khartoum, North, Red Sea, Nahr al-Nil and Sinnar, which started Monday at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel, admitted that the presence of tourist attractions alone is not enough and must be protected and that must be developed in line with global standards, pointing out that Sudan has its input although it is a complex industry.

“The tourism in Sudan lacks financial support to rehabilitate the basic infrastructure,” said Khartoum State’s Wali (governor) Lt. Gen. Engineer Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, pointing out that the country enjoys tourism resources and valuable monuments, adding that tourism is an important source of income for a number of countries, however, the country’s share is small, despite the good plans put forward by the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife for the development of the tourism sector.

Khartoum Wali said that the private sector has limited its role in medical and religious tourism as well as serving the tourism movement abroad. He urged the public and private sectors to encourage investment by attracting diversified investments to Sudan in the field of tourism, pointing out that the aim of the workshop is to crystallize the political will and to get out of the theoretical to the practical station, stressing that the recommendations of the workshop will be taken as a road map for the public and private sectors, pointing to the importance of the role of the private sector in the next stage in providing services to attract tourists

For his part, the Red Sea Governor Ali Ahmed Hamid called for the need to develop an integrated vision involving the private sector to address the issues of tourism sector, urging the workshop to come out with recommendations supporting Sudan tourism capabilities, particularly that tourism is an economic resource the same as the agriculture and industry.

He counted on the sovereign ministries including the Interior, Finance, Foreign Affairs and Transport in developing a road map to solve the problems facing the tourism sector and investors in this area, pointing out that tourism brings foreign currencies to the country.

The Red Sea’s Wali praised the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Tourism in signing agreements supporting tourism including an agreement with the State of China, hoping that Sudan receives in the year 2020 more than 150 million Chinese tourists.

He stressed the need to support the Federal Ministry of Culture to play its role in promoting tourism, stressing the role of private sector in the promotion, urging the states to allocate part of their budgets to support the promotion.

For his part, the Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism in the State of Khartoum Mohamed Yousuf Al-Degair stressed the importance of the workshop, adding that it aims to create an integrated tourist space between the five states and to highlight the role of tourism media in promotion.

He called for the removal of intersections at all levels, enabling the private sector to carry out its mission, the increase of investments in the vital tourism sector and the development of tourism product. He pointed out that Sudan was rich of tourism resources, explaining that the Sudanese monuments bolster the human ties. Underscoring the importance of cooperation consolidation among the parties to raise the awareness on tourism and the development of studies and research in this area.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife Graham Abdul-Gadir expressed his confidence on the Sudan attractive tourism diversity, calling for the need to provide services and raise the level of offering them to attract tourists, underscoring the role of tourism in the fight against poverty and elimination of unemployment.

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