Sulawesi: Major earthquake and deadly Tsunami

Sulawesi: Major earthquake and deadly Tsunami

A nightmare is unfolding in Sulawesi. After eTN broke a tale on a 6.1 earthquake earlier Sulawesi was struck by way of a deadly 7.5 magnitude earthquake triggering a deadly tsunami, in accordance with Indonesia’s geophysics agency. This happened at 10.43 UTC

Pictures of the South Asia quake in 2005 are turning out to be a fresh reality. Today horrible pictures are emerging following a tsunami followed a devastating earthquake in Sulawesi.

The location for the quake:

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  • 55.8 km (34.6 mi) NNE of Donggala, Indonesia
  • 80.8 km (50.1 mi) N of Palu, Indonesia
  • 168.7 km (104.6 mi) NW of Poso, Indonesia
  • 264.4 km (163.9 mi) E of Bontang, Indonesia
  • 296.4 km (183.8 mi) NNE of Mamuju, Indonesia

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Sulawesi, an Indonesian island of Borneo east, comprises several long peninsulas radiating from the mountainous center. It’s known for coral reefs and dive sites such as for example Bunaken National Park, the Togian Islands and Wakatobi National Park. Its largest city is Makassar, home to Fort Rotterdam, a former Dutch fort housing 2 museums now. Outside Makassar, Leang-Leang Historic Park preserves prehistoric cave paintings.