Susan Kaittany buys a posh car ahead of launching her first-ever travel show

Susan Kaittany is clearly making money moves, and we are definitely not ready for what she has in store for us. The Posh Palace founder is ready to make her name known by doing what she loves most, travelling.

In an interview with Word Is, she said she’s about to launch her first-ever travel show.

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“It’s a lifestyle show. It’s combining my travel, where I’m going to all these different destinations, and while going to these destinations, I’m basically looking for the perfect location to shoot. So I’ll be doing all this adventure kinda related activities on the ground.

“On my last episode, I went kayaking and at the end of every episode, I’ll be doing a photoshoot. So it’ll be more like fashion meets travel. It’s like a really cool travel show that shows the lifestyle part as well. I’m going across the world and this week, I’m going to South Africa and next week, I’ll be going to Dubai. I’m basically shooting across all these destinations,” she said.

Susan is serious about her travelling, and she has gone ahead and bought a brand new American machine, a 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

Asked why she chose the Jeep and not a different car, she said: “I’m an off-road kinda travel girl, who loves the outdoors, hiking and adventure. I love the flexibility of having my roof off over the weekend. Being in the bunduz is much more fun with a Jeep. I am all about this type of car, I really wanna get the G wagon next,” she said.

Susan purchased the new whip early this year.

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