Susan Muhwezi, Migereko Get Tourism Posts

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Susan Muhwezi must have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Just when we thought she was out and done following the emergency of more energetic Santa Anzo, who recently scooped a big role in AGOA Uganda chapter and thereby displacing her, Susan has reemerged in an even bigger way.

She started this strategy by shrewdly penetrating the politics of Uganda Hotel Owners Association whose members agreed to abruptly make her their President. They hoped to use her to regularly access the President and his family.

Using this very position, Susan strategically utilized her deep State House connections and got herself appointed Chairperson Uganda Tourism Board which is charged with marketing Uganda’s tourism potential to the rest of the world.

She is now the lady to who the equally first family-connected UTB Executive Director Stephen Asiimwe will be reporting as hierarchy requires.

Susan has joined the UTB governing BOD with other old timers like ex-Minister Daudi Migereko who is a strong hotelier recently appointed by tourism Minister Prof Ephraim Kamuntu.