Take education route to boost tourism in Doda: Residents

Take education route to boost tourism in Doda: Residents

Even as the state government has failed to streamline the education and tourism sectors in Doda and Kishtwar districts, a demand for better coordination between the departments is being made so that some effort is undertaken to develop these sectors.

People are of the opinion that these two districts should become the hub of education so that students of other parts of the state and country are attracted towards the area which will boost the tourism sector as well.

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Their main argument is that so far, not much money has been spent on either of the sectors and the area, despite having a huge scope for tourism, has been deprived of visitors.

“So far, only Bhaderwah had some development in the tourism sector. The rest of the areas have been ignored. For how long we will be waiting to get the money? It is better to invest more in the education sector and create universities and other technical institutions in Doda and Kishtwar so that students from other parts of the state are attracted towards the area, which will boost the education as well as tourism sectors,” said Ghulam Hassan Pampori, a member of the Doda Civil Society.

“Besides having green meadows all over, the area has a huge potential for adventure tourism. But it is not easy to attract people till the tourism sector is interconnected with some other sector. Opening institutions like universities, IITs and other technical institutions will boost tourism,” said Ajay Shan, a resident of Kishtwar. — TNS

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