Tanzania: South African Tourists Enter Tanzania By Tazara Railway

Tanzania: South African Tourists Enter Tanzania By Tazara Railway

Photo: Mohamed Mambo/Daily News

Tourist train passengers arrive at the Tanzania- Zambia Railway Authority station in Dar es Salaam.

TANZANIA Tourist Board (TTB) Chairman, Judge Thomas Mihayo, has called upon the public to exercise the highest hospitality especially now when the country is experiencing an increasing number of tourists.

He made the appeal in Dar es Salaam yesterday when receiving the tourist ROVOS Rail which arrived in the country yesterday from South Africa through the Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority (Tazara) line.

“We have to show them the Tanzanian hospitality as they enjoy their visit in a number of tourist attractions countrywide,” said retired Judge Mihayo He added: “We are now enjoying an increasing number of tourists; the public should show them Tanzanian hospitality so that when they go back to their home, they will be our good ambassadors and in so doing, many more will keep coming.”

Speaking at the occasion, TTB Managing Director, Mr Devotha Mdachi, said they want to use Tazara to be among the means to promote domestic tourism attraction promotion.

“The railway line is one of the best and it cuts through a number of tourist attractions, we want to see how best we will involve Tazara to start promoting domestic tourism,” she said. She said worldwide, railway line tourism has been gaining momentum, thus TTB wants to use it for domestic tourism promotion.

Tazara (Tanzania) Head of Commercial, Mr Hemed Msangi, said they usually receive the tourist train, whereas ROVOS started its journey in South Africa on July 11 and arrived yesterday, where for the first time they spent a night at Ifakara Station in Morogoro.

“The train had almost 60 tourists who are heading to various destinations in the country for attractions of their choice, but they will fly back to their respective areas, and on Tuesday, those who flew in, will be leaving by train’ said Mr Msangi The train’s doctor in charge, Ms Hester Wannenburg, said it was one of the best trips.

The passengers had a good time and everything was well arranged as they passed through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and finally Tanzania.

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