Tanzania:Plans to Make Zanzibar Cleaner

Tanzania:Plans to Make Zanzibar Cleaner

Zanzibar Town, one of the most splendid tourist attractions in the Isles, is set to become cleaner than it is now, so pledges the Urban-West Regional Commissioner, Mr Ayoub Mohamed Mahmoud.

Addressing journalists after touring various parts of the region, he said Zanzibar Town was dirty, and cleaning it up thoroughly would be one of the top priorities next year (2018). He made an impassioned appeal to the residents to participate earnestly in the critical mission.

“My office will work closely with municipal councils to ensure that the mission succeeds. We need to turn our region, particularly urban areas, clean, as an incentive for tourists and other visitors to visit it and feel comfortable while here,” Mr Mahmoud said.

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He said the plans to that end included acquiring new and more effective equipment and improvement of garbage collection and disposal. He explained that currently, less than half of the 500 tonnes of waste generated in the town daily was collected and disposed.

The RC further explained that sewage management was a big problem, stemming mainly from poor planning, population pressure, and broken pipes, and clogged tunnels. Zanzibar historical Stone Town, which is also the capital city of the island, is one of the major tourist attractions, highlights of which include narrow meandering streets and old buildings.

The town’s dirtiness has however been a source of persistent complaints from tour operators and legislators.