Teacher’s philosophy:Why wait to travel?

Teacher’s philosophy:Why wait to travel?

We’ve been asking Post readers if they took a fabulous trip after they retired. Many of you have. But Leslie Millar of Palm Beach Gardens has a different take on retirement road trips.

“At 64, I am still working as an elementary school teacher — but I have been living my life as if I have been retired for a very long time. Why wait? Unfortunately, I lost my family to cancer at a young age. That made me realize: Shouldn’t we grab hold of life and take advantage of everything life has to offer while we are in good health and fit to do so?

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“I am fortunate to have girlfriends who feel the same way I do. We seize the moment every chance we get. We’ve ridden camels in the Sahara desert, swam in the Blue Lagoon, ballooned over the Serengeti and meditated in Bali. The adventures never end.

“So, yes, I am still working at a job that I love — but in my mind, I live like I am retired everyday!”

Have you taken a retirement road trip? Tell us by sending an email and photos with your full name and city you live in to [email protected] Please put “retirement road trip” in the subject line.

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