Technician tried to rape boy in mosque’s washroom

Technician tried to rape boy in mosque’s washroom

Dubai: A technician has been accused of pushing a 14-year-old schoolboy into the washroom of a mosque where he tried to rape him.

The Pakistani schoolboy was said to be waiting for his driver to take him to school at 12pm when the 52-year-old Sudanese technician called him in March.

The technician had parked his vehicle in front of the mosque, according to records, when he called the boy and invited him to watch a movie on his mobile phone.

When the boy refused to watch the movie, the 52-year-old stepped out of his car, grabbed the boy and pushed him into the washroom, locked himself up inside with the boy and tried to have sex with him.

Two Iranian students, who happened to be present in front of the mosque, spotted the technician taking the boy into the washroom against his will, said records.

When one of them followed the man and the boy to the washroom, the 18-year-old student noticed that they had both entered the same cubicle. The student then knocked at the cubicle door and asked how many persons were inside before someone replied from inside that there was one person.

The 52-year-old then opened the door, rushed to his car and drove away while the students called up the boy’s father who, in turn, called the police.

Prior to the technician’s escape, one of the Iranian students had filmed the while leaving the washroom.

Police later apprehended the technician.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of kidnapping the boy, locking him inside the washroom and attempting to rape him.

The Sudanese suspect pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old testified to prosecutors that he put his schoolbag aside and went to drink water from a freezer beside the mosque when the suspect called him.

“He came from behind and pushed me into the washroom. He muzzled me and forced me into the last cubicle … he pushed me inside and locked us both in. Then he dropped his pants down and tried to remove mine but someone knocked on the door … then the suspect opened the door and left in a hurry,” the boy testified to prosecutors.

The 18-year-old student claimed to prosecutors that the suspect first spoke with the 14-year-old before he stepped out of his vehicle and walked towards him.

“I went to use the washroom and saw them both entering the same cubicle. I told my friend and he told me to film them to use that as proof in case anything bad happened. Then my friend came and knocked on the door and when he asked how many persons were inside, the suspect replied “one” … then he ran away,” the student testified to prosecutors.

The trial continues.