Teen slits throat of sister’s lover, surrenders

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Boy tells police he killed victim after catching the two in a compromising position

Patna: A teenager in Bihar killed his elder sister’s lover by slitting his throat after finding them in a compromising position.

After committing the crime, the accused walked up to the nearest local police station and surrendered himself.

The incident took place in Bhabua town, Kaimur district, some 210km from Patna, on Friday.

In his confession to the police, the boy said he killed Soni Noniyan, 22, who he claimed had been sexually exploiting his sister for long, adding that his victim was unrepentant.

As per reports, the boy’s family were tenants at a home owned by Noniyan’s relative, during which time the victim and the accused’s sister became close.

Reports said whenever the girl’s family objected to the victim’s behaviour, the Noniyan family would threaten to evict them from the house.

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Earlier this week, the boy caught the two in a compromising position after which he informed his parents, leading to a scuffle.

Subsequently, the girl’s family was forcibly thrown out of the house after which the boy decided to kill Noniyan.

“On the fateful day when Noniyan was away from his house, I attacked him with a dagger and then slit open his throat,” the accused told the police.

After killing the victim, the accused threw his dagger in the paddy field and handed himself over to the police, who then arrested him.

“The boy has been arrested and further investigation is on,” Harpreet Kaur, local Kaimur district superintendent of police, the media today.

Last month, a woman in Bihar was lynched while her boyfriend was blinded in Araria district.

Incidents of honour killing are common in Bihar. Earlier in June this year, a teenage boy was badly beaten up and tortured for daring to fall in love. He was subsequently dumped at an isolated location wrapped in coffin clothing. The incident took place in Bhojpur district, Bihar.

In the same month, a village court in Bihar ordered the villagers to shoot dead a youth for falling in love with a girl from Bhagalpur district.

The young man was shot six times right in the midst of the village court. He died instantly.

Last year, a teenage girl and her boyfriend were badly beaten up, murdered and burnt on the same pyre in Gaya district for daring to fall into love against the wishes of their parents.

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