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Thailand-Armenia tourism flow increases: Armenian Consulate plans to intensity efforts on this path

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 20, ARMENPRESS. In recent years the Thailand-Armenia tourism flow of and vice versa has intensified, Arto Artinyan – Armenia’s Honorary Consul to the Kingdom of Thailand, told Armenpress, adding that the people of Thailand mainly prefer regional packages. They visit the region – Georgia, Armenia in groups.

“Here we carry out active works, advertise, present Armenia’s tourism opportunities. Recently I had a lecture about Armenia in the university of Thailand. These events will continue. We plan to invite media representatives to Armenia in near future so that they will prepare reports about our country”, he said, stating that there is also an interest from Armenia towards Thailand, and this is welcomed.

The Consulate plans to keep in spotlight the Armenian-Thai business issues. Arto Artinyan said the distance between the two countries is a problem, in any case there are Armenian products in the local market. In particular, the Armenian brandy is presented. The Consul expressed confidence that the Armenian wine also has a potential to be presented in the Thai market.

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As for the Armenian community, the Consul said Armenians are small in number, about 80 people. They are mainly concentrated in Bangkok. The local Armenians are from Lebanon, Syria, Armenia. They are mainly represented in the business field.

“In general Armenians are presented in jewelry, precious stones processing field. They have factories, stores of jewelry and precious stones. There were Armenians who were working in the construction, cloth-making fields, however, in recent years they are mainly represented in the jewelry field”, he said.

Speaking about the maintenance of the Armenian language, the Consul said the main burden is put on families. At the moment there are no Armenian schools, cultural centers in Thailand. Arto Artinyan said steps are being taken on this path. They are working on opening a cultural center for children to gather, communicate with each other, learn and speak in Armenian.

Anna Gziryan