The Big Draw: Indian tourism in numbers

The Big Draw: Indian tourism in numbers

The Statue of Unity, on October 31 inaugurated, has been getting several visitors reportedly. As the statue can be a crowd-puller, does it change the tourism dynamics of the national country? Here is a synopsis of the most recent tourist numbers:

Foreign tourist arrivals are increasing in India (millions)
But India gets just 10% of the foreign tourists that France gets
Foreign tourist arrivals in 2016 (millions)

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu or more obtain the most foreign visitors
Share of foreign tourist visits in 2017

Tamil Nadu may be the hottest destination state among domestic travellers
Share of domestic tourist visits in 2017

Most Indians happen to be see their family. Pilgrimages and health may also be major reasons (2008-09 data)

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India’s most visited monument, the Taj Mahal, made Rs 18 crore in ticket sales in 2016

10 monuments most visited by domestic tourists in 2016*
10 monuments most visited by foreign tourists in 2016*
*Visitors to Archaeological Survey of India-protected monuments

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