The Del Place Restaurant strikes golden success with the “Fishermen’s Night”

The Del Place Restaurant strikes golden success with the “Fishermen’s Night”


The Del Place Restaurant strikes golden success with the “Fishermen’s Night” ( The “Del Place” restaurant left all of its clienteles yet again baffled by the Quality of service and cuisine at the “Fishermen’s Night” hosted on Friday, March 24. Over-looking a stunning azure bay with the shimmering glow of the Sunset was the perfect beginning to a well anticipated night by the staff of the Restaurant along with arriving guests. The place glimmered with the softest of fairy lights and local melodies in the background as me and my colleague arrived on spot. Inside a beautifully exhibited cold display of the freshest fish one could ever dream of eating was ready to be savored. Available to its guest on that night was the “A Grade Red Tuna” unknown to several palates and as mentioned by the owner of the Restaurant, it was only his second opportunity in his whole life-time to taste this delicacy.

This was not the first time the Restaurant partnered with the FBOA “Seychelles Fishing Boat Owners Association.” The first event was from last year’s “Tuna Festival” which was a great success and saw the turn out and support of several governmental figures such as Mr. Jean-Paul Adam at that time Minister of Finance, Trade&The Blue Economy in the Cabinet of Seychelles.

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This year the event was under the Motto “Le trace habilite des nos poisons de la peche jusqu’a votre assiette,” or in other words the ability to tell the story of the delicacy on each of our plates while bringing the event to life in the presence of key partners such as the Fishermen themselves and several officials of the FBOA.

The evening was addressed by Mr. Del Place himself who took pride in mentioning that “I am a proud ambassador of the efforts of the fishermen to practice the most sustainable methods of fishing and I applaud the noble job they do,” he said. Given opportunity was also prearranged to talk to several fishermen such as Mr. Elvis Hoareau, a semi-industrial fisherman who was amongst the first fishermen in Seychelles to start the tagging system which allows its fish to have the traceability factor that the FBOA upholds. Mr. Hoareau has a been “fidel” partner of Mr. Delplace, where he hands his clients the best of what the ocean has to offer.

Behind the scene of the event was several staff of the Del Place Restaurant namely Ms. Debra Laporte, Sales and Marketing Executive who was the heart and soul of such an initiative and liaising the Restaurant with the Seychelles Fishing Boat Owners Association.

All present at the occasion took pride in attending such an event and praised such an initiative.

On behalf of the Seychelles Tourism, the Seychelles Tourism Board wishes to congratulate partners of this event and look forward to seeing bigger projects of such nature which pushes the good aspects of Sustainable fisheries which is of great highlight to the Tourism sector.

The Chief Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis on her part conveyed words of appreciation to Mr. Pierre Delplace and team for such great initiative which celebrates the theme of the United Nation World Tourism Organization which is the international year of sustainable tourism for development.

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