The Vacation with Perfect Day and Night Activities

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Everyone wants to have a problem-free vacation, where they can have a great time every day. And if you go away and aim for a vacation that focuses on your extreme comfort and pleasure you can bet that it will be one to remember.  

So how do you have this near perfect vacation? Here are some of the things that you need to aim for when seeking to have a standout vacation.

Go to Mykonos

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the place you go is special. A vacation in the Mediterranean fits this description and visiting Mykonos in the Greek Isles automatically puts you in the running for a top of the line getaway.

Stay at a Great Hotel

Next you need to pick a resort that will really deliver. Selecting a resort like AdornoSuites, Mykonos Beach Hotel  is a smart choice for a perfect stay. The Hotel is right on the water and excels at providing you great service and top amenities. You can choose from a selection of suites and even get one with your own pool. The resort has its own restaurant and of course room service goes late into the night. There are areas to lay out on the beach and you can order any exotic drink you like delivered.

Now that you have your accommodations set, let’s take a look at what other things Mykonos has to offer to help you have the perfect vacation.   

Day Time

During the daytime there are a number of activities that will make your vacation perfect. Here are a few of the best.


If you want to do some shopping, whether it is high end designer shops or a desire for local wares, Mykonos delivers. There are shops located across the island where you can pick up any articles of clothing from perfect beachwear to nighttime fashions. And you can pick your price range as well. Also if you want to take back souvenirs of your trip you can find the cheekiest items or well-made items created by local craftsmen. Buy one or buy another suitcase and fill it up.

Galleries and Tours

You can visit galleries on the island that sell art by local artists and artists from around the Mediterranean. Some of the art is of local scenery. There are beautiful pieces that you can take with you or have shipped to your home. Or you can simply admire the art. A day of viewing great art can calm you and relieve any pent up stress from back home.

Night Time

When the sun goes down in Mykonos there is lots to do. 

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The island is blessed with many great restaurants. Whether you choose local Greek food which is excellent and abundant at all prices throughout the island, or you want international cuisine, there are many choices. You can select restaurants right on the water or in the hills overlooking a town or mountainside. The combination of ambience and great food will make things memorable. 

Nightclubs and Bars

Mykonos is known to have the best nightlife of any of the Greek islands. So no matter if you like EDM, Disco, Hip Hop or Rock music, you can find a great place with lots of people, to dance the night away.

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