This rap about Bitcoin actually explains cryptocurrency and is ridiculously great

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The value of Bitcoin has sunk since its absolutely ridonkulous pre-Christmas peak of just under $20,000, but it seems the cryptocurrency has finally reached its final form of dominance in our culture: a rap song. 

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The song, by rapper Lil Windex, features such poetic lines as “Bitch, I got that bitcoin cash” and “I use hundreds as napkins / and throw them out, oh / And I just bought a robot / That folds all my clothes.” 

The accompanying video shown above (via Gizmodo), also strangely features Lil Windex and pals making it rain with paper currency, which runs in opposition to the whole point of Bitcoin.

But whatever, because the song also features a rapped explanation of the history of bitcoin and how it works, and it might just be the most concise explainer I’ve actually heard so who am I to judge?

This may be serious or it may be parody, I really don’t care because it’s glorious. 

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