This Tex Mex BBQ may be the real deal

This Tex Mex BBQ may be the real deal

Austin, Texas (CNN) — Miguel Vidal remembers the brief moment when he knew what he’d serve at his new restaurant, though it had been still a dream even.

Vidal was raised in San Antonio, Texas, and contains worked in restaurants since he was 15 — refining his palate and technique, training himself to open their own restaurant eventually.

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“I went home, and my father had made a brisket. My mom had made homemade tortillas,” Vidal told CNN Travel.

“We’d fresh salsa and avocado, and I’m thinking to myself, that is it,” Vidal said.

That’s how Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ was created in 2013. Two food trailers and four barbecue pits parked on 1 currently.5 acres in South Austin, Vidal is developing plans to show Valentina’s right into a brick-and-mortar operation.

Mexican food is Texas food

Valentina's smoked brisket taco

Valentina’s smoked brisket taco

Tiara Chiaramonte/CNN

Combining the very best of Mexican cooking — which frequently features cooking meats along with other ingredients over a grill or open flame — and barbecue comes naturally to Vidal, a fourth-generation Mexican and Texan American.

“Mexican culture is definitely part of Texas and my children,” said Vidal. “I’m a really fourth-generation Texan, and I love grabbing onto the roots of the Mexican heritage because it’s what’s inside our blood.”

Vidal said he’s “very pleased with being Texan” and celebrating his state’s barbecue along with other food traditions.

Combing the flavors of these cultures is what Texans do “in the relative yard,” he said. “It’s being done in family members, however, not represented in a specialist manner in the restaurant industry necessarily.”

That’s just just how his family eats.

“Food was always what brought my children together,” he said. “It is a time for all of us to take pleasure from each other’s company, day tell stories about our, or if we haven’t seen extended family in some time, we up catch, and the meals is similar to that glue that could bring people together.”

Vidal includes a complete lot great memories growing up “around a barbecue pit or perhaps a fire,” eating his grandmother’s homemade tortillas and arroz con pollo and menudo at his mother’s house.

His parents weren’t convinced

Pork ribs

Pork ribs

Tiara Chiaramonte/CNN

College took Vidal to Austin, and soccer took him round the USA before a personal injury dashed his soccer dreams.

Working in Austin, Vidal had considered elevating his restaurant concept to a far more fine-dining experience, but tasting his dad’s brisket that night changed his mind.

His family was n’t convinced first.

“My parents were really skeptical in what I wanted to accomplish since they felt it had been this down-home cooking items that we just did in the home,” plus they wondered if individuals were going to react to it the true way Vidal believed they might.

“So Valentina’s does traditional Texas barbecue. We use offset pits. We cook fairly low and slow (using mesquite),” he said.

“We cook brisket, pork butts, spare ribs, beef ribs, sausage, chicken. Through the fall we cook turkey, but we ingest influences from the Mexican culture also, which may be tortillas or fresh salsas, a whole large amount of peppers.”

The business is really a family affair: Vidal, his wife, Modesty, and his brother, Elias ( the relative head, are business partners, however they have two sisters and three cousins that are key employees also.

The menu reflects his roots

Brisket sandwich

Brisket sandwich

Tiara Chiaramonte/CNN

The menu is split into “TEX” and “MEX,” but that’s actually just asking customers should they want bread or tortillas holding the meat.

The sliced brisket and pulled pork sandwiches are both served with tangy slaw and mesquite smoked, house-made barbecue sauce.

The smoked brisket tacos are served with sea salt lime tomato and guacamole serrano salsa, and the smoked carnitas tacos are served with caramelized onions, salsa and cilantro.

Charro beans, Mexican rice, smoked guacamole and corn and chips are side dishes and will be put into any order.

Like many Austin restaurants, Valentina’s also serves breakfast burritos, that may include chorizo, refried tomato and beans serrano salsa, all “hecho con amor” (made out of love).

Big wigs take notice

THE REAL THING Holyfield breakfast taco carries a fried egg,smoked brisket or pulled pork, salsa and potatoes.

The Real Deal Holyfield breakfast taco carries a fried egg,smoked brisket or pulled pork, potatoes and salsa.

Tiara Chiaramonte/CNN

“Texas Monthly” barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn, who included Valentina’s on his set of the top 50 Texas barbecue joints, credits Vidal with launching a trend in the barbecue world with Tex Mex barbecue.

He loves Valentina’s “15-hour mesquite-smoked brisket, moist and lush, (which) reaches its best when tucked into among their heavenly homemade flour tortillas, crisped on the griddle lightly.”

Aaron Franklin, whose Franklin Barbecue is legendary because of its meats (and its own long lines), is impressed by that 15-hour mesquite smoke also.

Franklin has called Valentina’s “really concerning the only invest town apart from my very own barbecue that I’ll actually go eat barbecue at.”

‘Everyone includes a chicken and rice dish’

Valentina's barbecue platter

Valentina’s barbecue platter

Tiara Chiaramonte/CNN

“Anything you are, once you eat our food, I love to manage to say that there surely is so much core that switches into it, that you are feeling it also it goes back (to wherever your loved ones is from),” Vidal said.

“Everyone includes a chicken and rice dish. Everybody has some type of tortilla or bread they use that gets filled up with something,” he said. “Everybody includes a braised meat, and right from the start of time, probably the most organic method of cooking was with fire, right?

” Once you put together, and you will really do your very best to create a thing that is meaningful for you you want to talk about with people, I believe everyone can believe that, also it together brings everyone.”

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