Three months of community service for five reckless drivers

Three months of community service for five reckless drivers

Three men will clean mosques while other three will each work in a petrol station, public library, and as a street cleaner

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Abu Dhabi: The General Prosecution in Abu Dhabi on Monday ordered five Emiratis and a citizen of a Gulf Cooperation Council country to perform three months of community service for reckless driving.

The community service will include working as petrol station attendants and cleaning mosques.


From stunt driver to street cleaner
City Walk stunt driver ordered to clean streets

In a statement, the General Prosecution said that the Bani Yas Penalty Court found the six men guilty of reckless driving.

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As per the order, three of the men will have to clean and maintain mosques for three months.

The other three were each given a different community service, including working as a petrol station attendant, cleaning and maintaining public libraries, and finally to clean street squares and maintain public gardens.



The General Prosecution added that they would be following up with the relevant institutions to check if the individuals were performing their community service adequately, and would double the community service period if the feedback they received was negative.

The General Prosecution also said that community service was a good way of making such individuals realise their mistakes, and to adhere to the road and traffic safety rules in the future.

Under Law No 7 of 2016, community service has replaced prison term of no more than six months or payment of fine for misdemeanour cases.

The Article 120 of the law stipulates mandatory community service including cleaning streets, beaches, parks and natural sanctuaries, teaching uneducated and illiterate people how to read and write, gardening and maintaining public parks, loading and unloading containers at ports and assisting civil defence teams.

Vehicle seized

In February this year, a young motorist who performed dangerous stunts with his vehicle on a wet road at Dubai’s City Walk during rain and damaged property was ordered to clean Dubai roads for four hours every day for a month.

The stunt driver’s vehicle was seized and he was fined Dh100,000 to repossess his vehicle.

In another instance in March this year, an Emirati man who uploaded a gruesome video showing a live cat being fed to his hungry dogs was ordered to clean Dubai Zoo for four hours every day for 90 days.

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