Toronto Raptors Rally: Panic as shots fired – 2 million stampede

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The Toronto Raptors along with fans and visiting tourists were celebrating at a parade and rally being held today at Nathan Phillips Square in Canada. The Raptors just won the NBA Championship.

At the rally with an estimated 2 million in attendance, shots were fired and 2 people were injured. Two armed suspects were taken into custody by police. One of the wounded was a woman in her 30s who was taken by paramedics to a hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

Dignitaries were giving speeches on stage at around 3:45 pm when 4 gunshots rang out where Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Turdeau were sitting on the dias.

Many were injured when the shots fired caused a panic and the estimated 2 million in attendance created a stampede trying to leave the area.

Police were in heavy attendance as a security measure, so they began to lift people over a barricade to help them escape the crush. A semi-conscious child was pulled over the barrier and onto a stretcher. Several subway stations near the parade route were also shut down due to overcrowding.

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