Tourism in Warsaw

Tourism in Warsaw

Tourism in Warsaw

October 27, 2017   

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The successful administration of a city is above all the creation of different ways in which to make use of the city’s public spaces by different groups of people: not only its inhabitants, but also tourists and the world of business. Warsaw, a city of intense expansion and creativity, is year on year increasing its capacity to deal with a host of diverse needs.

One of these needs is the ability to offer tourists a rich palette of cultural events. Warsaw offers tourists a wide range of activities: from intimate classical recitals, theatre performances and outdoor laser shows to rock and pop concerts for thousands of music lovers. Many events, like the Chopin Concerts in the Royal ¸azienki Park or the Long Night of Museums, are free of charge giving everyone the opportunity to take part in culture at the highest level.

Tourists are also on the lookout for places in which to relax, of which Warsaw has plenty. The buzzing atmosphere on the banks of the River Vistula, Warsaw’s parks, outdoor gyms, stadiums and sporting events mean that the city is an ideal place for both relaxation and physical exercise. Warsaw also has a host of interesting urban places which bring together entertainment, food and trading venues in one place. Places like Koszyki Market Hall, the Breakfast Market or Night Market attract not only Varsovians, but foreign guests alike, and have become a symbol of an open and vibrant city.

Warsaw is also seen as an attractive place to do business thanks to its well developed infrastructure, its human capital and modern office spaces which pull in an ever increasing number of international corporations and organisers of large scale events. Poland’s capital is also home to budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in the tech and creative sectors. What is certain is that in Warsaw you can count not only on a vibrant, creative atmosphere but genuine support.

Warsaw continues to grow, and create new meeting places, business spaces and entertainment venues thanks to which it continues to become ever more appealing for tourists whatever their needs and reasons for coming. The statistics in this report speak for themselves.

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