Travel and leisure Marketing strategies for 2017 discussed Seychelles’ private sector trade and the islands’ Tourism Board

Travel and leisure Marketing strategies for 2017 discussed Seychelles’ private sector trade and the islands’ Tourism Board


Tourism Marketing and advertising strategies for 2017 discussed Seychelles’ personal sector trade and the islands’ Travel and leisure Board (Forimmediaterelease. net) The Seychelles Tourism Panel (STB) organized its end-of-year marketing and advertising meeting last week aimed at informing the particular representatives of the tourism trade around the various developments taking place in crucial markets.

The meeting can also be known to be a perfect platform to discuss methods being developed for the year 2017 with the Seychelles private sector business partners.

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Attending the particular opening ceremony held at the Eden Bleu hotel were the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Slots and Marine, Alain St . Ange; Principal Secretary for Tourism Anne Lafortune, and for Civil Aviation, Slots and Marine, Garry Albert; STB’s Chief Executive, Sherin Francis; and the Mouthpiece Chief Executive, Jenifer Sinon; managers from the tourism offices abroad; and employees of STB; as well as representatives associated with both the public and private industries.

Speaking at the wedding ceremony, Mrs. Francis said it has been an excellent year for the tourism industry because Seychelles’ key markets such as Italy, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and other Middle Eastern countries have got performed well.

“ We have also seen growth consist of European markets such as Spain plus Switzerland. India has also performed properly, ” she said.

STB is committed to working with the particular trade to keep improving in locations where Seychelles has great potential, the lady added.

Mrs. Francis said with Air Seychelles’ growth plans for Dü sseldorf, Paris, france, and Durban, the STB views potential to grow not only in individuals cities but the countries and other locations as well.

She furthermore spoke about the new additions — Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, plus Sri Lankan Airlines, and the advantages to the tourism industry as well the present supporting airlines such as Etihad Air passage, Emirates, Condor, Air Austral, Ethiopian Airlines, and Kenya Airways.

She thanked the members from the tourism trade for their support in assisting to grow the markets and together to assist deliver for Seychelles and its travel and leisure industry.

Mrs. Francis also said a few words concerning the Chinese market. She said it really is in STB’s plans to carry out a survey to establish the facts upon spending patterns of Chinese guests.

In his address, Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) St . Ange echoed words associated with thanks to the STB staff in Seychelles and those working abroad for their effort.

“ If Seychelles’ tourism industry is succeeding, for the reason that you have worked hard and combined with the private sector to ensure that this particular success resonates around the world.

“ We know it is not easy for people who aren’t in the tourism industry to appreciate just how difficult it is to make this all function. For you to bring tourists, we need to arrive at the source markets, ” Minister St Ange said.

“ Often people see tourism as being a resort, but this is far from reality, since everything in Seychelles touches travel and leisure. We need to appreciate that for us to higher understand tourism and its real worth, we need to know what it is that we have, will not involve or touch tourism. inch

Minister St . Ange also spoke about the public-private field partnership which he added works for the country and pushes the nation to understand itself better.

“ We appreciate that the presence that has been achieved through this relationship at every trade fair or occasion in key tourism source marketplaces has helped our islands’ travel and leisure industry, ” he said.

The security and safety content label of Seychelles and the use of social networking were also main points which Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) St . Ange spoke about.

Minister St . Ange determined his speech by speaking about the particular yield from the tourism industry.

“ Yield is what visitors spend in Seychelles, but produce is generated on what our site visitors can find to spend on. If we do not possess arts and crafts, excursions, actions, tourists will have less to spend upon, ” the Minister responsible for Travel and leisure said.

He additional that every hotel knows that they contend not with Seychelles, but they perform with other islands and countries in the area. This he said they remember when pitching their own respective resort rates.

“ Like a country, we need to help encourage product sales when people are in Seychelles and assist the yield to increase. We must ignore this perception that yield is just what we make out of hotels. It really is everything together that will help Seychelles improvement, ” Minister Alain St . Ange said. The meeting was also the chance for the Tourism Board’s managers from the overseas offices to present the marketing and advertising strategies used in 2016 as well as their particular markets’ achievements and the challenges confronted. They also briefed those attending the particular meeting on their plans for the coming year. Seychelles is currently enjoying a 10% increase in visitor arrival numbers, which after closing 2015 with a 19% increase over the previous year.

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