Tourism recovery continues in Turkey, boom in Russians

Tourism recovery continues in Turkey, boom in Russians

(ANSAmed) – ROME, AUGUST 25 – Turkey continues to experience
a recovery in its tourism sector, with foreign visitors in July
totaling just over five million, a 46.3% increase on the same
month last year, according to figures released Friday by the
Turkish Tourism Ministry.

The growth trend has been in progress since April, following
on a year when the country lost more than 10 million tourists
due to the attempted coup as well as fears over terrorist

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The record numbers of tourists from years past are still far
off, however; there were 3 million fewer foreign tourists in the
first seven months of 2017 than there were in 2015.

The highest number of foreign tourists is in Antalya (1.8
million), a Mediterranean destination especially favored by the
Russians; followed by Istanbul (1.3 million).

Now that the crisis with Moscow over the downed jet at the
Syrian border has subsided, Russians are leading tourism to
Turkey, making up 14.6% of all foreign tourists.

In second place are the Germans, from whom tourism is down
overall, however, with an 11% decrease that’s expected to drop
further if tensions between Ankara and Berlin continue.

Italian tourism to Turkey is also down, with a 17% drop in
2017 on the already decreased 2016 numbers, with just over
100,000 Italians having visited the country so far this

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