Tourism report data supports bureau statistics

The 2014 International Visitor Survey Report compared its findings with the visitor arrival statistics produced by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBoS) and found them to be similar.

Launched by Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya last week, the 2014 IVS Report, under section 3.4.3, said that, “the FBoS for 2014 use slightly different categories but are similar to the IVS findings”.

The report further stated: “The difference in some categories means that it may not be possible to make a direct comparison, but overall the IVS and FBoS data are in close alignment which shows that the IVS data is robust and reliable.”

The 2014 IVS Report made comparison of percentage of visitors by country/region between FBoS and IVS (top six only).

The IVS report said the difference in the data collation for FBoS was that more countries and regions were included including India, the rest of Asia and South Korea.

In addition to the FBoS collation of data, China was divided between Hong Kong and China (mainland).

A comparison was also made on the data collected on the “main reason for visiting Fiji” and both FBoS and the IVS came up with 79 per cent of visitors saying it was for holiday.

This 2014 IVS Report came up with the comparison with FBoS to support the claims that the IVS findings, “is robust and reliable”.

It also validates statements made by the Ministry of Tourism permanent secretary, Shaheen Ali, when he said, “Real data is crucial to make future plans, which is why the IVS Report internationally is considered a very important planning tool”.

It also further supported what Mr Koya said during the launch, “Hence, ladies and gentlemen, the International Visitor Survey is a major initiative of my ministry that provides the right information for both the policy makers and the industry.”